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    Chuck Mezan
Post by On 05 May 2014

Park Beach System's Virtuemart UPS Shipping Extension now has support for the UPS SurePost® shipping service to provide additional low cost shipping options in Virtuemart.

    Chuck Mezan
Post by On 29 November 2013

UPDATE 9/2014: Virtuemart has released an updated version of PayPal payments which now provides Paypal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Standard options.

Ever since Virtuemart 2 has been released there has been various issues using the PayPal Payments Pro 3D SSC extension which is available through Virtuemart's extension library. These problems caused inventory to be inaccurate, one time coupons to not process correctly and various other problems with 3rd party extensions like Rupostel One Page Checkout and AWO Coupon.

    Chuck Mezan
Post by On 11 March 2013

Consumers are using multiple devices to interact with your business online. This multi-screen behavior is quickly becoming the norm, and understanding it has become imperative for businesses. Most businesses can not justify building mobile apps to support different devices but having a website that is optimized for all devices is imperative.

    Chuck Mezan
Post by On 07 August 2012

Social media continued to grow in 2011 and now over 46 percent of people globally access social networks every day. In America, two-thirds of online adults use social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn. Social media is no longer the thing that the hip young kids use. Rather it has become something everyone participates in daily. Not only is it extremely important to create a company presence on these social platforms, but integrating social media tools into your website and blog is a must.

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