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The updates to the website included:

  • Fresh new design including community photos
  • Optimized design for mobile devices
  • Integration with social media networks
  • Subscription to email mailing lists

The website now has integration with social networks to allow visitors to easily share articles and content through their social networks. Articles that are posted on the community website provide Facebook comment intregation to allow Facebook users to quickly add comments which are then shared within the website and Facebook news feeds.

In addition, the site includes the ability for people to sign up to various email mailing lists to receive information which is published by the community association. The associaiton has mail groups for general news, road cleanup and neighborhood watch mailing groups. 

Finally, the website was optimized for mobile devices by providing a simple and fast interface when the site is accessed by iPhones, Android and other mobile devices.

The website was redesigned and developed by Park Beach Systems in a content management system called Joomla. Contact Park Beach Systems to learn more about the importance of adding social media into your website.