Park Beach Systems worked with Ready at Five and Twofold, LLC to design a clean information architecture for their website. The end result was better organization of their website content through multi-level menu systems. All website content can also be located quickly using a built-in global search engine. The website was redesigned and developed in a content management system called Joomla to enable Ready at Five staff  to update the site themselves. These include a Document Library into which they can organize and publish documents in PDF, Word, or others formats, the creation of password secure user accounts, and a user manual for the staff. Ready at Five staff members were also provided with web-based training sessions to assist them in becoming self sufficient. 

Ready at Five home page
Newsletter subscription integrated with Constant Contact
Online product catalog and shopping cart
Secure area for members only
Secure forums for online collaboration
Ready at Five home page
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The website contains the following key features:

  • Online product catalog and shopping cart
  • Online event registration
  • Forums
  • Newsletter subscription integration with Constant Contact

Online product catalog and shopping cart

Park Beach Systems moved Ready at Five's existing shopping cart and checkout process into the new Content Management System. This provided Ready at Five with one area to manage the shopping area of the website as well as the content of the website. Modifications were made to the design of product listings, shopping cart,  and checkout process to match the fresh, updated design of the new website. The staff of Ready at Five is able to track product inventory, and report to a customer if a product is unavailable. The checkout process uses Paypal for credit card, echeck or Paypal payments, and provides automatic shipping rates with USPS based on package weight and location. The application and calculation of taxes based on the state of the store or the buyer is an automatic feature.

Online event registration

Park Beach Systems designed an event registration feature which provides the ability for online registration and ticket purchase to events. The website displays event details, and allows a person or group of people to register and provide information such as address, phone numbers, and email. Once the registration is complete, tickets can be purchased, and the event can be added to the individual's Outlook or Google calendar. Payment can be made using Paypal payment processing for credit card, echeck and Paypal.  Finally, a confimation email is sent to all registrants along with a reminder email several days before the event.


Park Beach Systems created an online forum feature for Ready at Five's website. This new feature allows people to access secure and unsecure forum categories. Staff of Ready at Five are able to add, delete, or modify the categories of the forum. They can also choose to moderate the forum before approving the publication of the forum topic. As users register and log in at later dates,  they are placed in specific groups which are then granted access to specific forums.

Newsletter subscription integration with Constant Contact

Park Beach Systems designed the new website to allow visitors to sign up for various eNewsletters from within the website. The subscription process integrates with their Constant Contact account so that all subscriptions are synchronized. Ready at Five can now quickly add users to the mailing list and communicate with supporters via email subscription to their newsletter about future events.

At the completion of this project,  Park Beach Systems has ensured that Ready at Five  has a new, prominent website presence that will enable them to further their goals of ensuring every child in Maryland is Ready at Five for school.