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Hard-aches with PayPal Payments Pro and Virtuemart Featured

UPDATE 9/2014: Virtuemart has released an updated version of PayPal payments which now provides Paypal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Standard options.

Ever since Virtuemart 2 has been released there has been various issues using the PayPal Payments Pro 3D SSC extension which is available through Virtuemart's extension library. These problems caused inventory to be inaccurate, one time coupons to not process correctly and various other problems with 3rd party extensions like Rupostel One Page Checkout and AWO Coupon.

The list of problems we have encountered are listed below:

  • Inventory/stock levels being reduced when purchases were not completed
  • Inventory/stock levels being reduced twice when purchases were completed
  • Virtuemart and AWO Coupons and Gift Cards not working properly when PayPal Payments Pro was used
  • Placement of credit card fields on a separate screen when Rupostel's One Page Checkout is used
  • Orders not appearing in PayPal’s Multi Order Shipping area
  • Order numbers being used or skipped when PayPal Pro was selected
  • Google Analytics ecommerce reporting not working properly


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